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The Products
The Dottir designs are created by customary shapes and patterns taken out of context and assembled in new ways using new materials and new colors. The result is recognizable on an unconscious level, creating small pieces of art making you feel connected to the shapes and patterns although the design is quite different from the well-known. We salute the craft and the beauty of variation that springs from that. Our products are high quality with a high level of detail and all with a unique expression. All processes are carried out by human hands. From design to production. Our partners in both China and Portugal have been carefully selected to ensure the right and the best quality.
Have a look “behind the scenes” and see the production process of one of our designs
All processes are carried out by human hands.
Dottir K/S, Filmbyen 28 D, 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark. VAT# DK36709820, phone:+45 5326 3391