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Pipanella – where shapes, colors, elegant surfaces and beautiful glazes match. Each a small piece of art with a poetic expression and surprising patterns. Where old meets new, feminine meets masculine, robust meets fragile.
Winter Stories
Winter Stories – bringing warm, magic tales and coziness to the dark days of winter. And creating the perfect Christmas spirit.
Samsurium – the sharp, the soft, the strong and the delicate combined. All in recognizable shapes that have been assembled in new ways. All telling their very own story. The story can vary depending on the eyes that see.
Sweet Stories
Sweet Stories – small pieces of art for those special anniversaries and events. Use them each year for family birthdays or dress the Easter table. The neat bonbonnieres, perfect for both memorabilia and keepsakes. Perhaps the first tooth, the first piece of jewelry, the first love letter or perhaps small secrets.
Alba – round shapes and simple patterns you can easily combine with your existing interior and tableware.
Have a look “behind the scenes” and see the production process of one of our designs
All processes are carried out by human hands.
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