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Finnsdottir changes its name to DOTTIR

We are passionate about unique crafts created by skilled designers. We are delighted about the increased interest in our products home and abroad - and meeting many of you has convinced us that we need a new name. Many in the Nordic countries already call us DOTTIR and in many countries south of Denmark, have difficulties pronouncing our current name. Thus we are now DOTTIR. DOTTIR, which originally means 'daughter' in Icelandic, contains both feminine and masculine characteristics and in this contrast sensibility arises. Embracing both beauty and strength. Changing a name is a long process and therefore you will find that a small portion of our packaging is carrying the Finnsdottir name. We expect that the implementation of our new name will be finalized during 2018. Looking forward to seeing you in 2018! We have several new items in pipeline and look forward to presenting all the classics from DOTTIR and the many news that will be launched during 2018.